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About Us
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Our Mission:

RAM Computers' mission is to provide high quality, reliable and cost effective services to all of its customers. We will strive to offer each customer with the best solutions that meet their needs.

Company Profile:

RAM Computers has been in business since 1997 serving the Montgomery area, as well as the southeast. We specialize in every component that relates to computers, software, hardware, and network administration. We can provide you with a variety of services that insures you the peace of mind that your systems will be maintained and functional so your business runs smoothly. 


Hot Tip

Install a Firewall
A firewall on your PC  keeps hackers out. It also lets you know if a hacker is testing the ports (doors) on your PC to see if he can gain easy entry. If any are unprotected he is in, just like that!

Firewalls also let you know about unauthorized outbound messages from your PC. If spyware has been placed on your PC without your knowledge it can send information found on your PC to a remote web site in an e-mail.

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Visit our Online Store for the latest in Electronic and Computer products.

Remote Backup!
See our specials on our  Secure Off-Site Backup    Solutions.

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