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Why Outsource your computer and networking Services?

This is the single most asked question. Unfortunately, there are no simple answers. Every business has its own needs when it comes to computer networks. There are a few questions that you can ask about your organization. Your answers to these questions will lead you to a decision:

  1. Does my network or computers ever have problems that my staff cannot fix?

  2. Are my computers and network necessary to the profitability of my business?

  3. When a problem occurs does my company lose money until it is resolved?

  4. Can I afford to hire a full time IT person to maintain my network?

  5. Would it be worth my time and money to invest in preventative maintenance?

Could your company survive if you lost all your network data permanently?

Like most technology, computer networks are a complicated tool, to work at their peak efficiency they need to be maintained. Many companies adopt the "It works so why worry about it?" philosophy. For those companies, after the installation, their computer network is never touched again, until it stops functioning properly. Unfortunately, sometimes that's just too late. Computer IT companies regularly get calls from panicked business owners whose networks or computers have just crashed. After diagnosing the problem, sometimes the data is unrecoverable. Unrecoverable data is just that, UNRECOVERABLE. Regardless of how much money business owners are willing to pay; they are never going to get their financial, customer, or inventory information back, ever. Starting from scratch is a terrifying prospect.

You can rely on RAM Computers to integrate your computers and insure all are technologically consistent and up to date. We'll analyze your business and recommend the networking, applications, support services, and training to make your computers really serve your employees and your business. And if you have already been working with a business application that you are already comfortable with, we’ll work together with the vendor of that software to make sure it stays running trouble free.  To educate yourself more on this subject, look over our web services and products.

Hot Tip
Run Scan Disk, As you save, erase, and move files sometimes things do not go just right. This is not caused by anything you are doing wrong. A PC is a very complex, fast machine and despite the best efforts of all the designers, engineers and programmers who've toiled to make it flawless, sometimes programs collide and mess up each others files.

This unwanted interaction can result in invalid files, files with lost file fragments, and cross linked files. You don't always know right away when this happens. This is why you should run the Scandisk utility from time to time.


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